DISCLAIMER: Semi-spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

I don’t even know where to begin with this. Since I saw promos for HBO’s newest hit, Girls, I knew I will ship it like the Titanic. Not only because it is new but also the wonderful Lena Dunham created it. She wrote it, produced it, and directed episodes of it. Yes, the genius Aura in Tiny Furniture brought this magnificent piece to television.

When the season premiered in April 15, 2012, Girls received a scary amount of publicity – good and bad. I’ve seen people talk about it and there are some nasty shit up in the Interwebs. Lots of them, actually. Dumb fools ranting about how there are only white people in the T.V. show, how the show only tells the story of four godawful women, etc. I am stunned by the stupidity of some people I don’t even know which curse word to use first. Or maybe I could just say all the freaking curse words I can think of in one breath.

Most people, including me, shrugged at all these negative shenanigans and continued watching the show because guess what, the show is neat, funny, and tells the truth about how mortifying it is to be young and vulnerable.

The girls of Girls are just like us. They’re flawed twenty-somethings with ambitions, different interests, and all that coming-of-age problems. These girls are broke, fighting their way to finding who they are and what they want and sometimes they just want to have fun.

The thing I like most about Girls is it shows faulty characters. These are wretched souls we’re dealing with. That and the fact we can easily relate to them. All at the same time.

I know most of you can relate to Marnie post-break up. That part where she was in her sweatpants browsing Facebook photos of her ex-boyfriend while listening to Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” killed it. Touch-freaking-down to where the dormant feelings are.

I do, too, Marnie. I do.

From previous episodes we have established that Marnie is the uptight girl whose love for her then boyfriend of four years had washed away by repetition and time, I guess. She got bored. She broke up with him. She saw him with a new girl. She the realized how much of an anal girl she really is and, I didn’t know this until episode 8, she hates being uptight.

There’s also Jessa. The free spirit who does everything because she can. For me, she’s the strongest of the bunch. She gets invited to the coolest party ever, she says what’s in her head, and she’s a fucking tease because she has very little to lose. She’s the cool girl my thirteen-year old self would want to hang out with.

Then, there’s Jessa’s adorable cousin, Shoshanna. I can’t say much about her apart from she’s the most endearing character of the show. She isn’t annoying like Hannah (we’ll get to that later) and is a self-proclaimed virgin. Her best moments were in episode 7, when she smoked crack and ran blocks like a freaking lunatic.

And lastly, we have Hannah Horvath (played by Lena Dunham). The girl with little self respect and is infinitely in love with the forever shirtless Adam. Out of the four, I can (somehow) relate to her the most because she’s crazy and she thinks she knows what she is doing. I used to hate her thing with Adam because that guy treats her like crap. I despised her, really wanted to punch her in the vagina, when she met this lovely boy back home and she ditched him because suddenly the insolent Adam remembered the girl he fucks in the ass. I also cringe whenever Adam calls her kid. What is up with that?

Of course everything changes when finally, finally (!) Adam became Hannah’s boyfriend. Look at that smile. I mean, look at it. They ended episode 7 with this and I had my doubts. I didn’t think Adam would be a decent boyfriend. I thought he would still treat Hannah like junk. And goddamn it, I just can’t with these two.

Because I thought wrong. Because this stinky-looking person is not dead inside. I mistook his honesty with arrogance. Because Adam is just as insecure and scared as I am. I ship him. I ship them. I ship this so hard.

The matching shirts, the ice cream scene (can you believe Adam hates ice cream?) where he tells Hannah he likes her, the onesies!!! AND that stupid apology at the end cannot be handled so delicately. My heart dropped to the floor and, like Hannah did, I wanted to give this son of a bitch a tight hug and SO much more.

If this isn’t proof of how awesome this show is then I don’t know what is. The show doesn’t suck, the characters do, is what I’m saying. Truth is I like the realness of this show. It is ballsy and unafraid; like telling people I don’t fucking care if you like us or not, we won’t cease to exist. I like the idea that I am not alone when I say I’m having a hard time with my job. That I am not alone when I go home, hug a pillow, and ugly cry my pains away. I like that with these girls, it’s possible to see yourself in a funny, awkward, and unattractive way and you’re totally okay with it.

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