You know that feeling when he’s doing something, you’re yards away from him but you still notice, you look at him and then you sigh? If you do, welcome to the club. Population: everyone.

I was about to Google stuff on how to quit smoking but this article on how to stop loving someone pulled up because Google is always ahead of you like it has been spying on you since the beginning of time. I mean, really, Google? How do you even do that? Maybe I would know if I clicked on the link and read. Rebel points: +10000000.

I believe these rules exist, I just don’t believe it works on everyone. Especially me. I am the worst when it comes to getting over someone. All my secret blogs, journals, and emails to my best friend are proof to my futile attempts to forget and get a decent night sleep. I always end up pushing the self destruct button every time.

The thing is, sometimes love fades without warning. It doesn’t ask to be excused. One day you, wake up and it’s over. It’s gone. Forever. And you think you’ll never get over this person. This person you trusted with your deepest, darkest, most sensitive thoughts. This person who saw you naked and vulnerable; who you cuddled with on rainy Sunday afternoons; who you kissed and held hands and spent the night with.

When love dies, a part of you dies with it. All you’re left are the memories you wish you can erase permanently along with the person you made these memories with. But that wouldn’t turn out good, would it? Remember Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Yeah. The hardest part of it all would be rebuilding your world and remembering how you were before this unacceptable pain you’re feeling happened.

I don’t know how to end this essay so I will just pretend I know what I’m doing. NOW, I leave you with a quote by Paullina Simmons.

Everyone feels that way, that we will never stop loving someone, that we will never love anyone else, that we can never feel more than we do right now, but yet… we do, somehow, stop loving. We do get over it. Don’t we? We have to. We must. Otherwise, how could we go on?


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