Whenever I get my hands on money, there is this mystic sensation to get rid of it immediately. A one-night stand, that’s more like it; stroll the mall and end up with fancy things that will lose its value in the next three or four months. In last night’s gig, I received more than I gave – I rediscovered how rewarding it is to spend good money on experience.

(Damn you, self, for forgetting this but I forgive you.)

Sorry I suck at typography.

Last night, my sister and I got tickets to Snow Patrol’s one-night concert in Manila. It was their first time here and it was awesome that they got to play despite the weather condition, low pressure areas and all.

I’ve never seen any foreign act live (insert shame here) until Snow Patrol. The reason behind this is I don’t get the whole shebang of spending thousands just to see people play when everything is downloadable. Dark times, I know, but now I want to go back in time to slap my old self in the face (actually, in the places that’d hurt bad just to prove my point). I totally get it now – the people who invest in experience, who fly thousands of miles just to get their fix of live music.

I was that close to the stage. It was amazing.

Hours before the show started, I sat in the patron section (which is REALLY close to the stage) and never thought I would have a great time. I am not their biggest fan; I only know five songs by heart. It’s one of the reasons why I thought I’d sit clueless for most parts of the gig but I know nothing in life and that’s a shame because the tracks they played – these songs I know nothing about – I ended up liking them. Fresh to my ears, I jumped up and down to the beat and Gary Lightbody’s soothing voice. It was so surreal; the crowd screaming, the lights, the whole thing worked and I belonged with everything and everyone.Ā I’ve been to local gigs but never felt as rewarded as I did that night.

Yesterday, I was still reliving the show. Here’s their set list:

  1. “Hands Open”
  2. “Take Back The City”
  3. “Crack The Shutters”
  4. “This Isn’t Everything You Are”
  5. “Run”
  6. “In The End”
  7. “New York”
  8. “Set The Fire To The Third Bar”
  9. “Make Things Go On Forever”
  10. “Shut Your Eyes”
  11. “Chasing Cars”
  12. “Chocolate”
  13. “Called Out In The Dark”
  14. “Fallen Empires”
  15. “Open Your Eyes”
  16. “You’re All I Have”
  17. “Lifening” (encore)
  18. “Just Say Yes” (encore)

Out of eighteen songs, I only know four but when it was over, I bagged the remaining fourteen and added them to my vault. “New York” and “This Isn’t Everything You Are” struck me the most; it was dream-like, my soul listening instead of my ears. Eyes closed, I let it fill me, talk to me, take over me. The moment they played “This Isn’t Everything You Are,” I knew I made the right decision.

I thought they weren’t gonna play “Just Say Yes” because I was really looking forward to hearing it live. Saved the best for last. I completely lost it when they did. With zero fucks given, I danced with both hands raised and sang along. Good times.

This whole experience made me regret not attending Laneway 2012 and missing The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Toro y Moi, Death Cab for Cutie, Smashing Pumpkins, and Taking Back Sunday. Man, the concerts I missed. /wrists. Anyway, I am saving up for Laneway 2013~ and I swear, the moment Coldplay announces they’re playing Manila, I will disregard my physiologic needs and starve.

This is all I ever wanted from life.


17 thoughts on “FALLEN EMPIRE

  1. I’m not also a fan but i think when you have a great time at any event or performance means they did make your money and time worth it. Right?
    Also to blog about it also? Means you might now be a fan of them now.

  2. I was also here! Though not as close to the stage as you were. I really wished they played “Signal Fire.” That’s my only qualm about it. Haha.

    And yay! Yes on investing in concerts! They’re my biggest high!

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