(In which I talk about more feelings.)

Early morning of yesterday was filled with excitement for a new Doctor Who episode (dork points +100). For a moment there I forgot about how equally mighty happy and sad The Perks of Being a Wallflower made me.

That was until I watched the episode. And by the end of  Angels Take Manhattan, I looked like this:

To be honest, I thought I was okay about the Doctor having a new companion and bidding bye bye to the Ponds like previous companions did but it gets me every time. Even before season 7 started, it was officially announced that Rory and Amy will have their proper goodbye and that Moffat is introducing a new character (who is a Dalek, by far. We’ll know more about this person in the Christmas special.) The Power of Three seemed – to me, at least – like a preemptive sign of the Ponds leaving. I actually thought it was their end… that they finally grew tired of the space-y stuff, they want a normal life.

But it didn’t end like that and the whole thing just broke me into a million confetti-like pieces because this goodbye hit Whovians right in the Doctor Who feels. It was the mindfuck of all mindfucks. I keep forgetting how troll-ish Steven Moffat can be. And I keep forgetting how I love The Ponds, yes, including Brian Pond.

To me it was like Harry Potter and dead Sirius Black all over again. A few years later, the second part of The Deathly Hallows film was out and it marked the end of an era (and my childhood *ugly crying*). How could you even possibly recover from all that? I have to agree with The Doctor when he said he hates endings because I. DETEST. ENDINGS. Nothing has to end, you guys.

Christ, the look on Matt Smith’s face when we got to the Amy’s goodbye part. My eyes leaking brought a lot of confusion; I didn’t know if I was depressed and crying for no apparent reason or I was just really attached to this fucking show.

So when I kind of recuperated, I decided to see Perks again, alone this time, because I’m a masochist. I am punishing myself for all the classes I skipped and my 26-day leave from work was dawning on me (still is, I feel like I need more time but that’s not an option so… I’m royally fucked), I needed another reason to well, cry.

I left my house looking like this:

Don’t be fooled by this dweeb!

and returned looking like this:

All these heartbreak caused by television shows/films are bad for my sanity. I heard Blaine and Kurt are breaking up this week on Glee so that should be interesting. Another emotional torture in store for me.

To wrap this up, I liked the end of the Ponds albeit they had to go. The episode had Moffat written all over it. So there, that was how I spent the last day of September. How did you spend yours? It’s October here in Manila meaning I have 15 days left to save my life. And less than 90 days before the new Doctor Who airs (also Christmas)! I don’t know how else I can say that I’m sad and I probably need help so here’s a photo of Rose losing it:


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