This morning I was out doing responsible adult things with my friend. Driving around the metro on weekends, especially on Sundays when traffic’s super duper light, is one of the best things in life methinks.

My iPod was on shuffle and every song felt right. *insert in-that-moment-i-swear-we-were-infinite-feelings here lol* Kidding aside, the drive, the dead highway, and the music were perfect. It made me think of Charlie’s mixtapes which led to the idea of me making a list.

I hate lists but there is always an exception and here it is!

While fashion enthusiasts have WIWT (What I Wore Today), I have WILTT aka What I Listened To Today — the newest addition to my blog of overshare.

WILLT Vol 1: Dead Highway Mix

1. Cults, “Abducted
2. Best Coast, “Last Year
3. Letting Up Despite Great Faults, “Details Of My World
4. Solange, “Losing You
5. Stars, “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
6. Sleigh Bells, “You Lost Me
7. M83, “We Own The Sky
8. Craft Spells, “Your Tomb
9. Of Monsters and Men, “Little Talks
10. A Fine Frenzy, “Avalanches (Culla’s Song)

Wish I could make a downloadable mix with a legit theme and a dreamy artwork but I could end up in jail so let’s stick to YouTube where everything’s almost legal. Plus I can’t draw/Photoshop to save my life.

If I push through with this project, I promise to make more coherent mixtapes. Happy listening!

PS I’m on Last.fm. Link can be found in the sidebar.


8 thoughts on “WILTT: MIXTAPES

  1. how come i know nothing from this list? 😆 maybe i just don’t listen to enough music. i have a mind to check these out and try to put myself in your shoes.

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