The thing is, I don’t feel the brrr in Decembrrr… yet. Which is fine, you know, because I know it’ll come but at the same time, the waiting sucks. Anyway, on to things that (possibly) matter.


It’s December and I’m pretty damn sure everyone’s busy getting stuff for other people. My goal this month is to find time to get presents for the familia, godchildren, and friends. My schedule’s absolutely tight this time of the year because I have to work until the 23rd (I know! D: I got assigned to a new account which is good news but I have to wait until the 24th to really celebrate the beginning of my holiday break.), a lot of my friends are hosting Christmas parties, I (still) have to process papers here and there for my *crosses fingers* immigration next year, and I must find time (lots of it) to shop for gifts. HECTIC! Also, my birthday. I don’t know what I should be doing this year. I guess I can worry about it later.

I heard that there’s another storm coming here in the coming week. I hope everyone stays dry and safe. Not cool, nature.

My day was pretty slow. I stayed in and read a couple of books. I slept for 12 awesome hours so I guess I would be staying up late tonight. Tell me about your day?


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