WILTT Vol. 6: Me

What songs best describe you?

WILTT has been horribly taken care of (I’m sorry bb) so I’m going to start over by introducing me. The whole idea of this entry is inspired by Mila Victoria’s Intuition video.

I know that most people my age think that as 20-somethings, it’s okay to tell people “you don’t know yourself.” Nothing against that. Had I not seen Mila’s channel, I would be saying the same thing. But I say no more to all of that. It’s my personal choice to have what seems like a blurry picture of who I am than tell other people (and worse, myself) I have no frakking idea.

This mix is a representation of who I think I am (as a person) and not what I know myself to be. I guess having an idea of who I am is better than not knowing myself at all. I’m going to do what I want now and not hold back because people might not like me. SUP, LIFE. THIS IS HASHTAG SWAG.

  1. The National, Karen
  2. Band of Horses, No One’s Gonna Love You
  3. Angels and Airwaves, Lifeline
  4. Archie Star, Always Love You Never Leave You
  5. The Bird and The Bee, I’m Into Something Good
  6. Bon Iver, Holocene
  7. Taylor Swift, Holy Ground
  8. Stars, Set Yourself On Fire
  9. Snow Patrol, This Isn’t Everything You Are
  10. Megan Hilty, Crazy Dreams
  11. The Shins, New Slang
  12. She & Him, This Is Not A Test
  13. Say Anything, Do Better
  14. Robyn, Indestructible
  15. Passion Pit, Dreams
  16. Paramore, When It Rains
  17. Mumford & Sons, Awake My Soul
  18. MGMT, Electric Feel
  19. The Lumineers, Classy Girls
  20. Death Cab For Cutie, Someday You Will Be Loved

Your turn, reader. What songs best describe you?

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