Big thanks to yawriterinthemaking for the nomination! I love memes like this because I love blathering about myself! 😀

Now, I must go through the alphabet putting something about myself in every letter. Should be fun!

A- Alligator. The National’s third studio album which happens to be my all time favorite.

B- Bonus Track. Makes my day when I buy an album and find out artists included a pleasant surprise at the end.

C-  Curly Sue. The film I watched three times a day when I was about 4 or 5. Alisan Porter is old now and wears her hair straight. D:

D- Duncan Sheik. He composed for the successful musical Spring Awakening which awakened my repressed heart.

E- Erratic. Best describes my hormonal activity.

F- Fat. I glorify fatness!

G- Gosling, Ryan. Expert moistener of lady gardens. Y/Y?

H- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The first Young Adult novel I picked up and actually read.

I- Inception. My Mind Fuck Film of the Year (2010).

J- J.D. Salinger. He authored three of my favorite novels ever. Plus, his short stories are impeccable.

K- Kristin. My first name, which I loathe, so forget I told you.

L- Laura Marling. My hero, my all.

M- Matt Berninger. The god of pretty words and awesome baritone.

N- Nick Carraway. Outsider, observer, easygoing and optimistic (his optimism faded as the novel progressed); I identify with him in the weirdest of ways.

O- Oscillate. Regularly what I do.

P- (The) Perks of Being a Wallflower. The novel which got me through puberty.

Q- Quiet. I like the quiet. It sometimes drives me nuts but I’d rather have quiet than chaos.

R- Rushmore. My best-loved Wes Anderson film.

S- Sofia Coppola. Wrote and directed the greatest film of ever (at least for me), Lost in Translation.

T- Terrible Love. When The National plays this song live, Matt introduces terrible love as a good thing because it’s the only kind of love.

U- Universe. When I read a quote from the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, I have always wondered what the universe smells like in the morning.

V- Vivacious. What I aspire to be. My personality is blah, bordering on dull.

W- Warsan Shire. I admire her guts, she’s one bad ass motherfucker. We’re the same age and look at her, she’s brilliant! She writes stirring poems about self-love. My favorites are her. (me). and For Women Who Are Difficult to Love.

X- Xander Harris. Taught me geeks and inadequately looking men are amazing and the least sketchy.

Y- Young. What most people want to be, but I’m not most people. I like to look my age even when I’m a hundred years old. Wrinkles and sagging skin included.

Z- Zooey Glass. J.D. Salinger wrote a perfectly imperfect character in the form of Zooey, the most quotable sunovabitch I have ever encountered.

(This took me two and a half hours to finish. HAHAHAHA this is tougher than what I thought it’d be.)

My nominees:

9 thoughts on “The ABC Award!

  1. Thanks for the nomination! Or not as the case may be. I mean, something for every letter of the alphabet? You did a really great job btw, but I doubt my attempt will be as successful. Thank you again for the nomination! Really appreciate it! I’ll hopefully get around to writing my response sometime in the coming week… Cheers!

    • I have and yes it’s beautiful. Probably because Stephen Chbosky wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. Most film adaptations really suck but Perks isn’t one of them.

  2. Thank you sa nomination! Gawin ko na nga ito mamaya… Panata ko yan na magpapaka active na ako eh… Pwede namang tagalog di ba? I’m not good in writing in English simply because I barely pass my English subjects when I was still attending school…. Ni google ko yan…

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