So, I’m not a huge fan of reality television but there are several I really like: Survivor, The Voice (US), MasterChef, and the recent addition to the list is Catfish: The TV Show.


If you guys haven’t seen Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s Catfish, you should. Or not. Just watch the TV show instead? I don’t know.

The whole premise of the show is this: Nev (who had been catfished years ago) and Max are helping couples who have been dating for months (sometimes years) by bringing them together. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not, because it’s online dating. You cannot expect these things to be easy and smooth sailing.

When I read that they’re doing Catfish: The TV Show, I wasn’t really sure what MTV meant. I thought people are already aware of the things technology can do today. What, with Skype, Facetime, Google Image Search, and all that? It turns out there are still kindred spirits who get catfish-ed. Which is sad, innit? I mean, I couldn’t blame them, the Internet is full of shady lurkers waiting to prey on anyone as long as it’s convenient.

It’s crazy. Crazy addictive. I will try not to give too much detail and spoil the fun out of your viewing pleasure but in the show’s pilot episode, the catfish turned out to be a person seeking revenge online. 8 months in an online relationship sans video chat and the girl, Sunny, did not even doubt Jamison’s true identity.

The most fucked up episode for me was the fourth one with Jasmine. She had been texting a guy for 2 years (!!!!); they haven’t met or talked on the phone. Hmmm… isn’t that shady enough for you?

Then there’s Missy the psychopath. Really, bitch? You didn’t even show a bit of remorse. Not one bit. That was just fucked up. I hate to be a whiny know-it-all but seriously, you need to get help. GET SOME FUCKING HELP OKAY


Anyway, I just had to let that out. I’m actually trying to be more present here so I’m kind of ranting about the things I’ve been doing and Catfish: The TV Show is up in that list. It was one of the things that literally made me get up in the morning. (…THE MORE YOU KNOW)

I don’t know but I guess there’s a tiny part of me hoping for a happy ending, you know? Despite the catfish being a lying bitch, the other person would at least try to get to know him/her. I’m a sucker for twists so there’s that. Also, I’m really intrigued to find out if the catfish had been honest to the other person although most times they’re absolutely just lying about the simplest of things (i.e. what they look like, their location, names, jobs, etc.).

It’s sad and seeing other people’s demise is quite entertaining. LOL JUST KIDDING DON’T PUT MY HEAD ON A PIKE!

So lately (when I say lately I mean 10 hours ago), I’ve been binge-watching the entire season to fill the electronic hole it left my heart when the series ended, but I’m happy to announce that the show has been renewed for another season! You have no idea how this information makes me happy. It’s like I took a warm bath on the inside! Go watch it if you can. I sometimes catch reruns on Philippine television.

PS: I made Coke (the soda, not the one your snort to get high and weird as fuck) Chicken wangs wings for dinner and it was phenomenal (I kid you not!). I figured since I’d soon be moving out, I should learn domestic stuff. I also forced my cousin to see two mind fucking episodes of Black Mirror (will blog about maybe tomorrow?). It was fun watching her facial expression change from thrilled to confused to WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT.

9 thoughts on “Catfish Withdrawal

  1. I’ve watched the movie and I liked it even though it’s quite … disturbing(?). Maybe that’s why I liked it. Anyway, I am very interested in seeing the TV series now.

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