PM tagged me in a post with queshuns and I am here to explain myself, officer. 🙂 I’m supposed to do a What’s In My Bag entry but YouTube is being a bitch tonight so you’ll have to wait for the original fat realness post. Haha

Let’s get to it then:

1. You have to give up one part of your body: brain or heart? Pick in the context of the debate mind vs. heart or right vs. kind in making decisions.

Heart. You know, I’ve tried. Just like everyone else, I did open up my heart several times and well, let’s just say that the endings were pretty shit. I’m trying to love myself first because this is what everyone’s telling me to do but I keep ignoring them, hence the 3 a.m. blog stalking and ugly cryathon.

2. Fictional characters are great! Would you rather be the hero or the villain in the greatest story ever told?

Villain! Are you familiar with Maleficent? She’s the epitome of true evil. Everyone remembers her because she caused chaos and all shitty things just because she did not get invited to a party. TO A PARTY. Anyway, if there’s an antihero option, I’d choose that instead. Why? See: Severus Snape, Ferris Bueller, Tyler Durden, Donnie Darko, Beatrix Kiddo, Juno MacGuff, Han fucking Solo, Don Draper, Ben Linus, Veronica Mars, and Walter White! Pretty sure this list missed a whole bunch of other antiheroes but my brain is aching, I need some sleep.

3. Smart and ugly or gorgeous and dumb?

Smart and ugly! Who wants to be a dum dum? Nobody. Same goes for my taste in coughmencough because I want witty banter not me constantly drooling over perfect abs. But, if you’re like Ryan Gosling, who is hot and smart and all kinds of perfect, then there really is a God.

4. Yes or No: becoming a parent and having kids.

Eeehh really, no. It’s too much of a responsibility for me. (Sorry future partner – Ryan Gosling – who wants kids, because I can never give you a spawn.)

5. Yes or No: divorce.

Yes to divorce. What we need to understand is this: love changes. Love evolves. It strengthens but it also fades. We must love like human beings – imperfect, temperamental, oscillating. Forget the true love Disney crap. It doesn’t exist. And that is a pill you have to swallow. Dry.

My point being: if you feel like the love is gone and you are no longer happy, you are free to divorce the shit out of your partner and move on with your shit lives. Staying in a relationship because of the kids or worse, because you are secretly hoping your abusive beast of a husband will miraculously change overnight will be a cross you will have to carry for the rest of your life. Think about it.

6. You are about to do the one best thing that you have always wanted to do ever. What stops you from taking the plunge: your personal fear of failing or your fear of judgment from others?

The things (or in this case, judgment from others) people tell you, you can always shove up their asses but your own mind will be the death of your dreams.


The danger is when you think you don’t deserve to go after your dreams. That you are not worthy to be happy. When there’s always someone more deserving of the life you are living. That’s what will stop me, my personal fear of failing.

7. For one day, you get to spend the day with this famous person. Will you pick your favorite athlete, your favorite musician, your favorite author or your favorite actor?

My favorite author well, because I just want to say I hung out with J.D. Salinger.

8. Yes or No: watching cartoons until your ridiculous old age now. (Admit it )

There is no shame in watching cartoons. No matter how old and wrinkly you are! 😛

9. The unfortunate has struck: your lover is dying. You are faced with this option: donate your vital organ to save him or her and die yourself while he or she lives without you or let your lover die without doing anything?

This is a trick question I skipped because I’m a horrible person and I will probably let my lover die just for the drama~

10. Yes or No: death penalty.

Yes! Fuck your stupid misogynistic and chauvinistic excuses. Every day women all over the world are raped and murdered and are beaten to death but wait, let’s just blame it on them. They basically asked for it. These people have a very special place in hell, tbh.

11. At a huge crossroad in your life, a decision has to be made which will alter the course of your freaking life. What do you do? Do you take the ridiculous way or the safe way to go about it?

The ridiculous way because it’s ridiculous and that pretty much sums up the course of my freaking life, PM. 😛


9 thoughts on “Fat Realness (aka explanations)

  1. awesome, awesome, awesome. if there is a grade higher than A++ i’ll give it to you, elaine. oh my stars, i enjoyed reading this one. thank you for the fantastic read, lady. you rock my world but it doesn’t mean i’m giving up ryan gosling that easily, you. 😀

    • Hee ❤ Thanks for the love, silly! I appreciate you liking it. Hahahaha sometimes I can be smart. 😛

      PS Ryan God-ling is mine. BUT! If you're up to share, we can always make arrangements. 😉

      • apir! okay, a settlement may be in order. he’s too good to have for my own anyway :mrgreen: i’m trying to finish the alphabet. i put up the next bits. one more to go to finish!

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