It’s confession (and whining) time! I’m so busy. I was in the office around 7 am for two client meetings then I did a whole bunch of responsible adult things and clocked out around 9 pm. I actually didn’t think I’d be able to return home alive (but guess what, I lived) because JFC, I am spent.

Which brings me to whole confession point: I just saw this week’s episode of Girls and it was crazy good. Adam keeps getting better and better.

I was bummed out that they started season 2 with Adam being a total creep because I rooted for Hannah and Adam so hard. It’s like the kind of relationship I will never have (lol) because, let’s face the scary truth, nobody loves like that anymore.

What I liked best about this episode was the two sides of Adam. 1) Adam in AA is what I’m probably like when a relationship ends. I need this is my blog:

Hi, I’m Adam, and I’m an alcoholic. Um, I’ve been sober since I was 17. Um, I knew I had a problem pretty early and I dealt with it because I didn’t wanna wait, and I knew it would just get worse. I felt pretty solid after I stopped drinking, I stopped coming to as many meetings, but lately I haven’t felt so solid anymore so… I had this girlfriend who at first I didn’t like very much, or, I didn’t take her very seriously, I guess. She just seemed like, you know, a piece of ass. But she was persistent, man. And she just hung around, and hung around, and showed up at my place—and gradually, it started to feel better when she was there. It wasn’t “love” the way I imagined it. I just felt weird if I didn’t know what she was up to or whatever. And I liked knowing that she was just gonna be there, and warm, and staying the night. And she acted like I was teaching her everything. About fucking history, about sex. She didn’t know what street Central Park started on, or how to use soap. And I showed her. And I wanted that chance to show someone everything. But she changed her mind about me, and it was that fast. I’m so exhausted.

2) Adam with Natalia is so fucking adorable. It’s a swoon fest for my lady parts. I’ve never seen Adam that happy in the entire existence of Girls. It was magical and it somehow made my mood lighter?

In my nightly sad, cathartic bath I came to the conclusion that I like this television show despite the shit I read everywhere. They’re all telling me that I, as a woman of color, shouldn’t like the show because of this and that. And oh, Lena Dunham’s a white cis female; she’s so privileged, she doesn’t deserve to be the voice of my generation!

Get the fuck out. Seriously. I like this show and the characters (Adam) I don’t care if Lena Dunham’s a privileged white cis female or if everyone’s being represented well. It’s fiction (it is) and it’s a television show so chill the fuck out, okay? Okay.


This has been a post.


27 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. that quote is adorable. i’ll post it on my facebook account. i never enjoyed watching these tv stuff but i do enjoy reading your take. it’s so much better! 🙂

          • thanks, elaine. it’s just a passing thought after i talked about the moie with a friend who hasn’t watched it yet! can you believe that? but i do love this post of yours. those lines are killer, just incredible.

            • Haha I thought you don’t like movies! Pssh, admit it! Watch Pitch Perfect for the lulz ok? You’ll love it.

              PS Adam’s character improved from shit to this glorious son of a bitch. He is so unreal now but I still love him despite his unrealness.

              • i think my sister has mentioned pitch perfect before. i will try okay? not promising but i will try. i rarely like movies so 500 days of summer is really winner because 1. i like it and 2. i’ve watched it several times. 🙂 love the way you described adam, whoever adam is. i think you’re having a good day!

                • Hahaha I am having a good day because my weekend starts tonight. Work has been so demanding lately, so yeah, I can finally sleep long enough to tame these eye bags a little. I hope you are having a good day too!

                  • i actually felt like it’s friday today 😆 i was feeling slightly melancholic earlier but all good now. i swear i’m like the weather lately, nuts!

                    • Then you’re my kind of weather! Haha! I love when it’s cloudy and windy and you don’t get too much sun because the sky’s sort of obscured? Glad you’re a-okay now. 🙂

                    • i feel the same. i enjoy rain too. some people don’t for it depresses them but i’m fine with it. yesterday i caught some sea breeze mid morning, beautiful 🙂 thanks, lady. have a good day, okay?

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