April started with unfamiliar emotions. Suddenly, I did not understand myself or the things going on around me. I was so overwhelmed with the slightest bit of change. It caused me so much stress and affected my (already screwed) sleeping pattern. With little to no sleep, the zombie version of me hustled the 9-5.

the semicolon project

I’m rarely on Tumblr these days but I got home from work early and I got time to waste. I stumbled upon this post which, I think, is another sign. I have absolutely no idea that a cause as bold and simple as this exists. Thank you to the minds behind the Semicolon Project. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder that you are not alone.


And this should be a constant note to self: Never lose hope. Look back and see how far you’ve gone. One day the sadness will end.

[Edit: 9:59 pm] I know I’m not supposed to get a tattoo for another year (because of immigration shenanigans) but I’m itching to get a semicolon just because I can see clearly now; semicolons mean so much more to me now.

13 thoughts on “A Sign: The Semicolon Project

  1. I just want you all to know that the project is not what it created for anymore. I was one of the people behind the project and the project got in the wrong hands. My partner within the project turned against me and told me to kill myself and had people threatening to kill me. Since this partner was in the UK nothing could be done. Please know that this project is now nothing more than a breeding ground for my old partner to take advantage of the weak and gain money off of someone else’s hard work. If anyone needs help or encouragement please come to the new site created: http://www.facebook.com/savingsemicolons. You are all loved and worth so much.

  2. The Semicolon Project (www.TheSemicolonProject.com) was co-founded by Charlee Chandler and Matthew Wills is the realisation that A) Your Story Isn’t Over Yet B)There’s limited number of services out there after turning 18 and they all offer Long Waiting times and/or A price tag.

    The Appropriate links are below:

    or email us at: info@thesemicolonproject.com

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