I’m starting to think that this blog has been taken over by ghosts. But anyway, our power is back and – unfortunately – so am I. Ha! 🙂

It’s good to be back (sort of). Been pretty busy reconstructing literal and metaphorical aspects of my life. We just moved back to our home, did some heavy lifting (for the muscles, man!), and fixed stuff that needed fixing. I gots me a couple of new thangs to later on destroy like a new mattress and and got my window fixed with a new glass panel which is tinted and I love it to bits because I am allergic to the sun, especially when I am getting my beauty sleep (nope).

When I’m not being a daughter to my widowed mother, I lock myself up in my parents’ room and catch up on all the television shows I missed while I was living under a rock. I cannot believe how great some of the premiering shows are. Hannibal, Bates Motel, and Da Vinci’s Demons got me pretty bad. My fan girl self is already making notes at the back of my mind right at this very moment for future entries.

Some of the shows I am totally obsessed with returned with pockets full of awesome. Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, which is a no brainer. You know that already. Plus, Awkward.! Although I’m not sure this season will outdo the previous seasons; the promos were screaming of corny. Sadface.

I missed this year’s Coachella which is an absolute bummer. I stream it every year and well maybe next year I can fly to the United States? Hopefully! For now, I am good with all the shitty videos from last week’s festival.


I also stumbled upon rubyetc’s artwork. Timely, innit? I just want to say I needed this and maybe there are some of you who didn’t think you’d need this but I’m putting this up just in case. I’m in no position to say this but hold on to hope while it’s still there. I know what it’s like to zero out on hope and it ain’t pretty. Treat hope like you’re raising your own children. It will be tricky and most of the time exhausting but when you need it most, it will be there, ready to push you to move forward.

So, anything you guys want me to do here? Lately I’ve been feeling extra useless; what, with all the scheduled content and very little journal-y stuff. I’m running out of ideas. 😦


4 thoughts on “Half Awake

  1. i’m just glad to hear you’re doing okay, lady. that photo is lovely. i have to remind myself of that exactly too. idk, i’m doing a horrible job but like you, i’m trying. my blog is run by ghosts too, some friends we are right? 😆

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