I wanted to punch myself after this week’s episode of Awkward. because I am wrong, people! I am *so* wrong! I absolutely regret saying the show is bordering on corny. Forgive the sudden lack of interest. Note to self: don’t judge a show by its promos.

what the hell

All those who whine on Twitter about Awkward’s season feeling wrong are the WRONG ONES. It did not start with a bang, true, but episode 3 is a dagger to the heart. Cuts right in the feels, if you know what I mean. Time for bullet points!

  • Team Matty all the way although there was a point in the pilot where Matty became an annoying horndog and could not keep it in his pants. Manwhoremones, am I right?
  • Tamara looks hella fiiiiiiiine this season. Love the hair, the vibe, the EVERYTHING.
  • Jake and T are growing on me.
  • Valerie still holds the most hilarious person of the show award IMO.


  • Very excited for feisty Ming! She’s doing it(!) with whatshisname but they have to keep it a secret because Asian Mafia!
  • Ricky Schwartz is dead. Death by peanuts!
  • Sadie is broke.
  • She and Matty are growing pretty close. As a fan of the show, me gusta! But, as a loyal Jenna-Matty shipper, it’s baaaaaaaad. Really bad.
  • I think my favorite scene from this week’s episode is Jenna finally owning up to her feelings re: Matty.
Surprise, surprise!

Surprise, surprise!

When Matty says, “It’s always so easy with Jake, why is it not so easy with me?” I raised my #TeamMatty flag so high it was not even funny. That scene is my second favorite because of all the awkward feels.

It still annoys me how cute Sadie and Matty were on the phone. I am SO torn because I like Jenna and Matty. I think they’re super adorable and chill but it seems the writers are going in a different direction this season. Just. Don’t ruin everything, mmkay?

you're welcome



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