March 2011

My sister and I aren’t very close. In fact, when she was still living with us, we always fight. ALWAYS. A week would not pass without us pissing each other off. What’s really funny is we fight about the littlest of things like who gets to man the remote control or someone accidentally steps on the other’s foot, anything really. It’s annoying but I am super sad without her around.

In Matt Berninger’s words, “I am not my rosy self.”

My sister flew to Singapore over a week ago to teach. I know, Singapore’s not that far from the Philippines, but it’s different. The permanence of her leaving (2 years is somewhat permanent shut up) makes my eyes well every time. Not having an annoying little sister who follows you around is not cool.

She went on so many vacations outside the country but that did not bother me so much compared to this. It’s funny, having to cry in front of an iPad.

I’m so sad. I want my sister back.


3 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety Friday

  1. there, there lovely lady. your sister will be back before you know it. what’s more, you can visit her when you find the chance! i am so close to my sisters too and i understand what you’re going through. hugs. 🙂

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