I finished another book! Can I get an amen up in here? Before anything else, I must warn you about spoilers because there will be lots of them below the cut.

Me Before You received a lot of freaking stars all over the web. Go on, Google it. Okay, so there’s that, but there’s also my side which die hard fans of the book will probably hate comment about. I did not like it. It was so underwhelming; I did not have bouts of my usual this-book-ruined-my-life-god-help-me situation.

The plot follows Louisa, a 26 year old woman who is stuck in her small town rut and forced to find a new job when the cafe she works in closes. She has a long term boyfriend, but no career aspirations or desires to expand her horizons. Enter Will, the ‘difficult’ quadriplegic she gets employed with as a carer. He also wishes to end his life through assisted suicide, and this aspect gives the novel a bit of grit via moral dilemma.

Here’s a confession: I don’t think anyone can ever top John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars in terms of ruining one’s life due to a fictional character’s death.

Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You did not make me feel anything but impatience. I already know how the book ends; Louisa will never change Will’s mind. He is going to die and she will get this magical motivation within to live and do stuff. I’m a sucker for happy endings (sorry not so sorry). The characters are very unlikable. They did not hit me as much. And I have read books that hit me with a force of two thousand trucks on the highway.

I liked all the parts that were told by other characters. The whole book should’ve been written that way. Every chapter a different character – maybe even including Will.

Ah, anyway. There’s that. I give it 1 out 5 stars.



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