This week’s Monday poem is an excerpt from Sierra DeMulder’s first collection of poetry called The Bones Below. I like her because her writing style is shockingly honest. The brutality of her words is so rewarding to read. She’s so blunt about a lot of  things like sex and abuse and eating disorders. You can never be sure if she is writing from her point of view and that makes everything a whole lot interesting.

I trust my lover far more
than you trust your pheromones
but you are temptation after a fight.
You are one more drink at the bar.
You are the uncomfortable silence in the car ride home.
You are the crowbar between us in bed,
my doubt when his hands are open
but his eyes are closed.
You are cold feet tripping down the isle.
You are standing on the altar licking his earlobe.
You are lipstick stains,
hidden receipts,
flowers that don’t know my name.
You are the love poem he wrote for me.

relationships are hard enough.
People are so fucked up these days.

Dating is like finding the least rusted bear trap
around the ankles of someone
you just might be able to look at
for the rest of your life.

Intimacy is the art of licking wounds.
It’s taken me years to let anyone kiss me
when my lips were chapped.


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