Two books in a week! Celebratory high fives? No? Okay.

the duff

Anyway, I was meaning to write this entry right after I was finished reading Kody Keplinger’s The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend (which is around 2 in the morning) but guess what, I was in bed with a huge fucking smile on my face because god damn I should stay away from this book.

Semi-explanations! How do I even? Mmkay, so I was planning to skip on this one because 1) look at that title. I’m so tired of reading about fat girl characters who are hiding under the shadows of their cheerleader friends and are secretly in love with their jock best friends. Srsly! Home girl needs a little more than submissive hot mess of a character and Princess Diaries make overs. 2) I was scared the term DUFF would circle my head and take over my already brainwashed… brain.

What changed? GoodReads reviews and a little inflicted courage to just get it over and done with. You have to know that I had this on my To Be Read pile for a very long time.

The Good:

  • I loved Bianca and her obnoxious mouth (great way to start a review IMHO) because her whining and her snarky comments and all that pessimism mirror my teenage years (and angst).
  • Bianca is so honest and even calls herself out on all of her shortcomings.
  • The sass, man. The sass is what makes anything better.
  • The love-hate relationship with the most annoying womanizer in school.
  • The dysfunctional family set up.
  • The paragraphs filled with self loathe and unreasonable jealousy towards another human being.
  • The sex parts were not thoroughly described.

The Bad

  • The super understanding friends. I mean, Jessica and Casey aren’t real people. Or maybe I don’t have enough friends who can tolerate my bad mouth and undying hate towards the universe when things do not go my way.
  • The cheesy ending. Not a fan, but it kind of made me swoon a little so let’s just say I’m a hypocrite.

The DUFF is a light read and I give it 5 out 5 stars because it’s great and you should read it. You might be surprised how many times you’ll find yourself walking down memory lane (retch!) and accidentally scratch old wounds. All in all, it’s that kind of book I will reread in the future to feel good about myself (and my lack of drive to be a better person) a.k.a. don’t let me near it again.


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