June was a pretty rad month for me. Nothing major happened (my leaving was put on hold) but it wasn’t as tragic as the past months have been. Here’s an Instagram recap (aka photodump) for you all.

childhood me

I’ve been actively participating both in Truth Thursdays and Throwback Thursdays. That’s four-year-old me with my sister and my sister from another mother, Louise. LOL we used to be cute; what the hell happened?

team building

I went on a trip to Quezon for our annual team building. The drive South was a horrible idea but we had fun so w/e.


My Mom got us two new kittens. This is Hachi sleeping beside me on the couch. Isn’t he a charmer? Not a fan of cats but this guy gets me so damn much. I still want to get another dog but I’d have to up my convincing powers x 100.

my team

My job is still a pain in the behind but I try to not think about it so much. I’ve been graced with a team of crazy talented and hard working daleks to work with so there’s not much to whine about (except the hours).

before midnight

I got to see Before Midnight(!) one week prior to its regular screening. I joined a contest FullyBooked was hosting and I was one of the 15 who scored premiere night tickets. How cool was that? So freaking cool ‘cos I rarely win anything. My God, can we talk about Before Midnight and how amazing it is? It is funny, it hit deep, and… man, I don’t even know what to say. Just watch it! It opens this week (July 3rd) so goooooo!

the ocean at the end of the lane

It came! I got my copy of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane in the mail the same day I watched Before Midnight soooooooo that day was pretty incredible. I only got to start reading it today. I’M SO EXCITED.


Today, I went up North to launch my boss’ family website at their clan reunion. I had a great time, the food was amazing, I got to meet everyone and the bishop(!) too. WoodGrove Park is unreal. So fucking beautiful.

What else happened? My blog turned 1 this month which was amazing. I didn’t think I can go this far but look ma here I am. 🙂 I also finished six books this month!!!!! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I am still not over Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park because it is such a great book. IT IS IT IS IT IS GO READ IT NOW GO ON

That’s pretty much it. Happy end of June!


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