Want to play detective? Then get on the Whodunnit? bandwagon and solve the latest reality television mystery!

whodunnit abc

Whodunnit? is a murder mystery reality show on ABC about a bunch of people trying to solve a murder mystery in the mansion each week. The person who gives the weakest explanation at the end of the episode gets killed (eliminated from the game).

Whodunnit? is so interesting to me although it’s so over the top and fake in so many ways. I really want to watch the whole season right now because there’s something weird about a reality show that isn’t based in any sort of reality. It’s campy as heck and punny and I love it, especially Giles the butler!

whodunnit abc screencaps

It’s like Survivor except there’s murder every week and people get to play detective and be all shitty and stupid (yes, I’m talking about you Kam). First the alliances were formed based on first impressions (i.e. who seems to be more trustworthy) but since the second episode, people are all over the place.

And the most interesting thing for me is that I can’t solve any of the murder cases. If you think you have an advantage just because you’ve read every mystery novel in the world, seen crime movies and shows like CSI or Veronica Mars or Dexter and other Sherlock-y things, played all the Mystery Case Files games on your computer, you’re dead wrong.

My theory is this: right now (three episodes aired) I think nobody knows – even the one player who’s supposed to be the killer – knows the killer. I think the producers(?) plan to keep that information from us until the very end.

Anyway, it’s very entertaining!


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