nina simone


“You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.” – Nina Simone

I learned this the hard way and you know what, I don’t even care I had to go through all that trouble. I’m moving on, can we stop talking about it already?

This bit Nina Simone said doesn’t only target romantic feelings (although it does, admit it). It also applies to tiny things like when you’re extremely hormonal and you’re suddenly hungry for a glorious tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream but it’s three in the morning and where the fuck in Manila do you get Ben & Jerry’s?

Lately I’ve found myself getting upset about the littlest of things (i.e. not getting enough sleep, not getting what I want aka a vacation, not getting to see The xx on the 30th, etc.) I’ve completely forgotten about my accomplishments at work or my extreme self control at the MAC Cosmetics store in Glorietta.

I even ignored the fact that I am seven books ahead of my Reading Challenge. It’s not even past the third quarter of 2013 and I’m almost done with my challenge, which I failed. Twice.

conditional love note by rubyetc

Conditional Love Note by rubyetc

So self, do not lose yourself in things you have no control of. Be more objective. And to my future lover, above this text is a conditional love note for you. Don’t be up on my grill expecting me to be some kind of superhuman because hunty, lesbihonest, we’re not even going to last that long.


2 thoughts on “Notes To Self: 07/22

  1. the graphics are lovely, lady. they’re spot on. i’m glad you’re also focusing on the positive. i’m really happy for you, i miss our chats, hey!

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