Life Update x 2013 Reading Challenge (Spoilers)

Okay. I’m still alive, just had some technical problems. All’s good now, though, so hi! How are you all? I’m okay, just been really busy with work and I’ve had some health issues (that aren’t totally related to my fatness, just in case there are fat shamers around this side of the Internet, h8 u srsly) that I had to deal with while I was away. In a nutshell, I’ve been busy reading.

For the whole month of August, I dedicated my time to finishing the Jessica Darling series, which was pretty cool. I think every girl in her teens should get on to it. If I were to pick which book from the series I really liked, it will be Second Helpings because I am attracted to boys who are trouble and shows the least bit of interest in me. I was honestly okay with the ending of Fourth Comings. I knew in my heart of hearts what was going to happen and I was okay with it because it was so honest and real and people should’ve just been okay with it. Perfect Fifths was meh.

Let me tell you this before I ramble and get all the more confusing: I am down to the last book to complete this year’s Reading Challenge! Woooohooo! I’ve read great things about the movie adaptation of Tim Tharp’s The Spectacular Now so I thought hey why the hell not? It’s YA! I enjoy YA! (this is the part where I ruin for you. Spoilers ahead!)

Obviously I just started but last night I was itching to write my thoughts about Chapters 1 to 20 because I couldn’t hold it any longer. I need someone to educate me. I don’t understand how people work sometimes. So here we go:

  • So my first impression of the book is that it is very straightforward.
  • Not even through chapter 2, the narrator tells you to embrace the weird, which was fine by me
  • We learn that Sutter is a guy who spikes his soda with whisky… at 10-ish a.m. (It’s 5 p.m. somewhere, right?)
  • Cassidy, Sutter’s girlfriend, is fat (the word fat wasn’t used as an insult, which kind of boosted my ego because hells yeah we need more Eleanors in the literary world)
  • And then a bunch of things happened, by things I meant drinking
  • Then Cassidy broke up with Sutter because he wasn’t a good boyfriend to her. He’s an asshole and I would kick him to the curb too
  • I just don’t feel any empathy towards Sutter because I have been with boys like him
  • Although the post break up almost bargaining situation was really funny and well thought of to be quite honest
  • One day he met this girl Aimee who appears to be a typical nerd
  • Sutter felt bad for her and suddenly decided she needs saving
  • Sutter became considerate of Aimee’s feelings

The thing that bugs me: why do people fall for the broken ones? How do you even know someone’s really broken? Do you need to be tossing newspaper at 5-ish in the morning to be considered broken? Must you be broken for others to consider your feelings? What about Cassidy? Are her feelings not that important to be acknowledged solely because she seems tougher on the outside?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the book and I enjoy reading it… I just don’t understand how these things work. I’ve dated guys like Sutter and I almost always end up like Cassidy. There’s a story for you.

It’s like the moment you show some kind of weakness, you’re automatically in on the saving part. When you’re strong and vocal about your feelings, it’s apparently okay to dismiss you??? Is that it? Is that how relationships work now?

I don’t knowwwwwwwwww. I’m half drunk. I guess I should keep reading. For now, think about it… I would like to know what you think of that.


9 thoughts on “Life Update x 2013 Reading Challenge (Spoilers)

  1. Very interesting post ma’am! Mmmmm…about how we are attracted to people who are broken, yeah, I agree that I myself have in the past being attracted to people who are like this. For me, I don’t think it is quintessentially difficult to define a person who is ‘broken’. I believe a person who often seems to sit apart from others – who seems like a loner may be ‘broken’, but in the end, I think it all pertains with the eyes, and although that whole ‘window into the soul’ thing may not be entirely accurate, I believe that the eyes cannot lie, and you can easily tell a person’s emotional state from their eyes even if the rest of their face is attempting to convey happy, happy thoughts. I think, at least in my case, we are attracted to ‘broken’ people because we want to save them maybe, and like a chink in their armor, it is easier to worm your way into a broken person’s life than someone who has all of their crap together.
    Don’t get me wrong, tough confident women are attractive too, but they often seem, perhaps, unattainable, because they don’t technically need anyone in their life, they simply are. But, that’s just me…

    • Thanks for the comment, Derek! I get your point. I have another question: does this mean broken people are easy? If yes, then isn’t that one way to take them for granted, dating them because it’s easier to worm your way into a broken person’s life? Also, what’s the deal with saving people?

  2. “why do people fall for the broken ones?” that’s a great thought, lady. happy you’re alright. shall we attempt seeing each other again this week?

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