Okay. So this is a long overdue rant about Rainbow Rowell‘s new novel, Fangirl. It is a coming-of-age tale of fan fiction, family, and first love. Don’t let those last two words fool you because this book has so much wisdom I reread it five times (FIVE TIMES). This post is full of spoilers (sorry can’t help it) so if you haven’t read the book skip this one and for 100 years of good luck, read the book!!!!!

fangirl rainbow rowell book cover

Let me tell you about this book okay. It’s the gift of the gods. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to Contemporary Young Adult Fiction. Rainbow Rowell is a magical entity made of emotional realness, unicorns, and My Little Pony. Fangirl is also so unique in that it is a bookception. It combines three unique narrative voices of Rainbow Rowell, Cath as Magicath, and Gemma T. Leslie, the author of the Simon Snow series.

Cath is this new college student who copes with change by immersing herself in the Simon Snow fandoms – a parallel universe similar to Harry Potter, complete with film adaptations, midnight book events, and slash fanfiction. The Simon Snow snippets are so good I wished they aren’t fictional. I think Rainbow Rowell captured in writing what a true fangirl is, probably because she is one of us too. Although I have never attempted to write fanfiction, I fangirl so hard about the things I am passionate about (a.k.a. television shows that take up most of my time).

why cath wrote fanfiction

In the beginning of the novel, Cath’s family seemed pretty normal. She has a twin sister, Wren, and an adorable dad. This was too good to be true because after rereading Eleanor & Park one trillion times, I know Rainbow Rowell shoots family issues at one point (sometimes all at once) so don’t be surprised. Madame Rowell is good at these things and she writes well-rounded characters that you will not be bothered how flawed they are because you can easily empathize with them.

giving up

First Love
OH GOD. If Rainbow Rowell is good at family relationships, she does romance the best. It’s hard not to compare this Eleanor & Park but I’m going to do it anyway try and stop me! E&P has a lot of cheese (there I said it) but Fangirl has a lot of sexual tension and build up that it will rain happy tears on your face.

the way he looked back at her

Where is my Levi? I mean, come on… Rainbow writes these manic pixie boys with megawatt smiles all the time so there must be a few of them somewhere.

Final Words
Opinion time: Fangirl > Elearnor & Park > Attachments (HATERS TO THE LEFT). I like that Cath (and all of the characters really) has real life problems. I like that this whole book is about character development. She was not turned into a normal girl at the end. She remained Cath, only with more confidence and a cute boy to kiss.

cath is crazy

I like Reagan the most. She is my favorite of the bunch because she’s sooooooooooooooooooooo cool about everything. She’s assertive, understanding, and batshit crazy.

reagan and drugs

Rating: 5 MILLION STARS. Fangirl is one of the best novels I’ve read this year. I hope you get to read it too.


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