Monday Poems: Matt Brand

This week’s Monday Poem is called get off your phone, come out, and give me your hand, stupid by Matt Brand.

do not bore me
with your schedule,
I’ve one just as busy,
folded in back pocket
behind the phone
I’ve turned off; here with the moon,
let me tell you:

I will autumn into your eyes
like a moon does into darkness
and dreams; waltzing
I will greet you and we will make
a door wreath of time for the new year
with no end date; we can change
in this privacy, into the ocean
or a closed locket safe
in the back of a closed antique store.

Put away your cameras, loneliness,
and tarnish; I know of limited a sale on
freedom and fort-materials, let’s
copy our tied shoelaces with finding fingers,
undo the hiccups others may have left
like dirty dishes in those eyes of yours,
and watch me dinosaur through loud
vocal impersonations of these songs
that place it all into our private flawed

history books of the touching mind.


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