Hello, welcome back to the pee party! I am permanently back, I suppose, now that I have a computer. My laptop died on me a couple of weeks ago and thank god I was on a makeup ban, I was able to afford a new computaaaar. Side note: I made the switch from Windows to Mac and by god it was the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Thanks, Steve Jobs!

Anyway! My welcome back post for this blog is about self care. Why? Because self care is important. Most of us forget it and we need to remember.

Here’s the thing guys: before we were brainwashed by the media about fitting in a certain bracket of dress sizes, weight gain used to be an indicator of social status. If you are fat, that means you are loaded $_$. What the fuck happened to society?

And when people start ranting (to my face) about their weight gain and how sad they are about it I want to put a gun to my head. It’s sad that that’s the ONLY thing you are sad about.

weight gain 1  weight gain 2
weight gain 3 weight gain 4

That bit is from the beautiful Nicole Byer of Girl Code, one of my favorite shows of the now. You all should check it out because all their segments are funny and true and most of all, informative. Get all up on that show. I swear Girl Code should be a religion.

So to all you guys who are ugly crying because of your weight gain and the possibility of gaining weight because of the holidays, may this be a reminder that there are far more important things you should be crying about than gaining weight.

Happy almost Christmas!

14 thoughts on “Self Care: Weight Gain

  1. I think that its attachment to social status went away during “the rise of the middle class” when social classes weren’t so polarized and food and other things became more affordable. That said, I agree with everything here. 🙂 I gained quite a bit of weight in the past year, but I know that that’s the least of my worries, really. Welcome back!

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