Happy New Year! I think I am starting the year right. I woke up at noon, haven’t taken a bath, haven’t done a thing except open this laptop and put exclamation marks on everything!!!!

It’s a new year and I have slightly high hopes for 2014 because I have stuff planned for its first quarter. I NEVER plan anything so that’s a first.

st jeromes laneway festival 2014

In 3 weeks I will be flying to Singapore for Laneway 2014. It’s my first music fest abroad so I’m equal parts excited and terrified. There will be THOUSANDS of people and that makes me tick just a little.


And in February I will be seeing The National play my home court. God, what will I do in 50 days? I’ve already started to X dates on the calendar hanging in our kitchen wall. I can be more annoying as the days go by, talk non-stop about The National and–WAIT. I’m already doing it. BUT! YOU KNOW I CANNOT HIDE MY EXCITEMENT SO I’M ALL CAPS UP IN YOUR BIZ NOW.

In March, Cambodia is a go. FINALLY. I need foreign soil to tread.

Don’t forget I’m a socially inept human being still, incapable of getting things right, so I really am hoping I the thing goes as planned.

So 2014, may it be less shit than 2013. That’s my ultimate wish. We are all rooting for you, 2014. Don’t fuck things up. Happy New Year, friends!


12 thoughts on “2014, I’m Rooting For You

  1. Happy new year!
    I am starting the year “right” too!!! Still in bed, still hadn’t taken a shower (obviously), have my laptop open, and exclamation marks!!!!!

    Quite envious of your plans because I still do not have any, except maybe eat lunch and play some more Clash of Clans and Bakery Story. Heh.

  2. i’m rooting for you, lady. i’m so happy to hear of your plans and i’m more looking forward to hearing your stories. i miss our chika a lot!

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