laneway singapore 2014

This is one hell of a heavy post. Heavy with feelings and heavy with photos. You all have been warned!

I remember that sad February day in 2012 when I intentionally isolated myself from the internet because I was low on funds and emotional quotient to attend St. Jerome’s Laneway Music Festival in Singapore. It had the best lineup and it frustrated me to no end that I wouldn’t be able to see Girls live. What frustrated me more was months after Laneway 2012, Girls had broken up.


So late last year when they announced the lineup, I found myself wanting to go. The lineup, although it wasn’t up to par to 2012’s, was okay. It had several musical acts I wouldn’t mind shedding a few $$$ for like Vance Joy, Youth Lagoon, The Jezabels, Frightened Rabbit, Daughter, Savages, Haim(!), Chvrches, and James Blake.


And so I went on a 5-day trip to Singapore. But before that I had a bunch of crazy shit happening to me at work. Since the year started, my job has been so demanding and it triggered a lot of my stupid traits. More on that later.

vance joy

We got to the venue a bit late because we had to wait for the Doc Martens van to come pick us up. When we arrived Vance Joy were already playing. They were absolutely great! Especially when they played one of my favorite songs, Playing With Fire.

youth lagoon

Next were Youth Lagoon. To be honest, I wasn’t as excited because I know I will be seeing them again come February when they’ll play Manila with The National(!) and Buke and Gase. I wasn’t paying attention because my head was busy thinking we should switch to the other stage where The Jezabels will be playing. So we switched after taking this photo and ended up watching the rest of Youth Lagoon’s set on a screen.

the jezabels

The Jezabels were worth the wait. Man, they slayed not only the stage but also my heart! They played old songs and some tracks from their new album.

At this point my knees were wobbly and weak and my head was hurting from the heat. I didn’t think attending a music festival would require so much stamina.

the hill

So after The Jezabels, we shooed and scouted for food. We went to the Cloud Stage but nothing interesting there except for Jagwar Ma, Mount Kimbie and Jamie XX – all three we missed because their sets overlapped with the ones we wanted to see. Priorities!


We went up on the hill while waiting. I spent so much on beer and Jagermeister x Red Bull and ended up just eating a kebab wrap. It was cool because I needed to hydrate more than anything else. There were also so many cute people it should have been called Laneway Cutefestival.

We watched Frightened Rabbit on the hill because we were still recuperating. We were saving our energy for the evening acts which include Savages, Daughter, Haim, Chvrches, and James Blake.


Savages went on stage before Daughter but we were cramped at the Roscoe stage while they were playing and figured we could just watch them on screen. It was a great set. One of the best I’ve seen live. Jehnny Beth commanded the stage with such dominating power and finesse. I was just waiting for her to get someone up on the stage and put him/her on a leash. INTENSE!!!!


I guess the most emotional set for me was Daughter’s. Elena Tonra is a genius song writer. And she is so damn cute I can’t.


They opened their set with Still which happens to be my favorite song from their album If You Leave. I died a little inside obviously. My insides were screaming because god fucking damn it feelings.


I don’t usually scream at gigs. Yes, I am that kind of person. When Daughter played Youth, everyone in the crowd started singing along. EVERYONE. Even the people waiting for Haim at the other stage and the ones on the hill. That overwhelmed Elena, I think, and she started tearing up mid-song.


I sincerely love her with all my heart. I would gladly buy front row tickets if they decide to come to the Philippines.


The Haim sisters were a revelation. THEY KILLED IT. I love their album Days Are Gone but I did not expect that they would be so great live.


We were on the front fucking row! and in my head I was chanting please play Let Me Go. They did. It was so cathartic. I fucking loved every single moment of it.

alana haim

Alana Haim is so fucking sexy. Look at her.

alana haim

It was sad that we were on the left side of the stage because I didn’t get to take pictures of Este Haim. She’s adorable. She chatted the audience and she was so great at it. She even showed us how low she’d get. It was pretty fucking low.

danielle haim

Danielle Haim is my favorite Haim sister. She’s the fiercest and the most beautiful in my eyes. So talented, this woman.


HAIR!!!!!! When they played Forever I couldn’t help myself not to scream along: Go, go, go, go, get out, get out of my memory/No, no, no, not tonight, I don’t have the energy!!!!!!






After their set, we caught Este signing stuff outside the media tent. She was nice to take a selfie with us. My G15 was held by Este fucking Haim!!!!!!!! Also please do not mind my stupid sunburnt self.

Around this time, Chvrches were playing so we rushed back to the stage. It was great. Lauren was fucking amazing. I didn’t think I know their songs by heart.

My camera died in the middle of Chvrches’ set so I don’t have pictures of them and James Blake. James Blake’s set was so surreal. It was the best set to end the festival.

And that concludes my Laneway post. I don’t think I made so much sense but you have to forgive me because up until today, my thoughts are scattered. I have been dreaming of Laneway. The only thing that’ll get me out of this high is if I get to touch Matt Berninger’s beard which is pretty soon, I hope.

I’m considering going back to Singapore on February 21 to see The National again with Daugher. Ah, help my feelings. The National, light of my life, fire of my loins.


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