My five-day trip to Singapore was worth it. I honestly never thought it would be great at all (except for Laneway) since I am usually not up for touristy stuff.

blanc inn

We stayed at a very artsy hostel in Tyrwhitt Road called Blanc Inn. It’s 15 minutes away from Lavander station and it is surrounded by hawkers and cute restaurants like The Tiramisu Hero.


It’s a small hostel but the owners made wise choices in terms of using up the very little space they have. The rooms have three private alcoves which are well-ventilated (air conditioned and you have a ceiling fan also) and spacious enough, even for me!




They have a lounging and dining areas for slow days staying in. Their wi-fi is pretty fucking fast; I uploaded a couple hundred raw photos from my camera in less than 5 minutes. The bathrooms are shared with the rest of the guests but it’s alright because they have 4 shower stalls, 2 of those have toilets inside, and 2 toilets. I didn’t have to wait up on someone to finish because there is always a vacant stall.


The staff members are super friendly. I can’t even tell you how accommodating they are. I read up reviews on other hostels in Singapore and I guess one of the main complaints of guests are about the staff.


The day after Laneway (Sunday) was spent shopping!


My sister, who is based in Singapore, showed us around. I hoarded beef jerky because I can! Most of the shops in Chinatown were decorated with Chinese New Year stuff in preparation for the Chinese New Year, obviously lol.


We also met up with friends from the Philippines who are now based in Singapore. The most touristy stuff I did in Singapore was visit the Sephora flagship at ION Mall. HAHAHA. I had great fun! Oh my god, I was like a kid in a candy store!!! Read more about my Sephora haul here.

On Monday we went to Lucky Plaza to have money changed and then went back to Sephora and Chinatown for fun! We also strolled around a bit. I know I wouldn’t get lost because their train system is so efficient.

changi airport

We had to checkout at 11 am the next day so hung out at the Changi Airport where you can do stuff and buy stuff and it’s such a nice airport. The possibilities are endless in that place.




Fooling around at the airport like badasses.


That was it. It was a short stay and I’m definitely going back. I already miss the good hawker food! And the hassle-free commute. Ah, Singapore, you’re becoming one of my favorite cities in the world.




Here are airplane pictures for posterity.




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