So, it is the first of March from where I am and I have to admit, that’s sort of alarming. I have not been very active here because I have been busy writing here. (hashtag shameless plug) Anyway, during that time I still managed to get some reading done and here’s a quick review of Laura Nowlin’s novel, If He Had Been with Me.

if he had been with me

Image courtesy of Goodreads

If He Had Been with Me tells the story of childhood friends, Finn and Autumn, and how their relationship changes when they grow up (or apart, who knows).

Okay so that maybe didn’t give justice to Ms. Nowlin’s novel but here’s the thing, I absolutely disliked this book. Let me tell you why.

First off, the cover doesn’t even make sense to me. What is the girl doing, I don’t even know.

Second, I had a hard time empathizing with the narrator, Autumn, because she’s too whiny and annoying. She’s too pretentious for my liking. She calls herself a misfit who wears tiaras and acts all rebel-y and punk as fuck and there are times during her narrative when she comes off as a slut shaming son of a bitch. That makes me tick. Autumn also keeps her “boyfriend” Jamie afloat just so she has someone although she clearly knows she doesn’t have feelings for this guy. THAT IS STUPID.

Third, Finn (or Finny, yelch) is another one of those smart, handsome but sensitive jocks who I cannot stand. His personality is so flat. I guess the only Finn I like is Finn *heart eyes* from the television show, My Mad Fat Diary.

The plot is so stupid. Ugh I hate saying that but I’ve never in my life been so obsessed with being one of the popular kids in school and having a boyfriend and losing my v-card so that must be the reason on my disconnect with this book.

I also don’t know why Laura Nowlin didn’t give much attention to Sylvie. I know she was a side character and I know she didn’t have a significant tie to the plot but you were given this picture of her as this soulless cheerleader type when in reality she probably wasn’t.

Overall, If He Had Been with Me gets a HUGE meh from me. 1 out of 5 stars.


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