Hey, how’s it going? I feel like apologies are in order but first let me tell you about my staycation at City Garden Suites in Manila with my homegirl PM. Prior to this pajama party(!), PM and I have arranged to hang out several times but plans fizzled because of so many things like work but since I left my job, I have plenty of time in my hands.

City Garden Suites in Ermita, Manila is just a hundred and fifty peso cab ride from Makati. Mind you, it was a Friday and we checked in late because we had a little detour situation lol.

When we got there, we were assisted by the friendliest staff I have ever encountered. And trust me I’ve been to hotels in the Philippines where staff are snotty to locals just because. Anyway, they were pretty amazing.


A nice man assisted and walked us to our room. He informed us about the complimentary stuff we’d be getting and all that shenanigans. To be honest I wasn’t really paying attention because it felt like the bed was calling me. Yes, it was that inviting. Everything felt so tidy and at home so my initial reaction was to imprint on everything. LOL JK.


So here’s what our room looks like. It’s fully air-conditioned and has Wi-Fi access. To an Internet dork like me, that is significant. I did not bring my computer with me but there’s a desk where you can work. I prefer the bed but to those neurotic about workstations, this room is perfect for you.


The room also has two television sets (both with cable) – one in the bedroom and another in the lounge(?) where the super comfy sofa is. I marked it my reading nook, lol. PM was asleep so I watched TV on the other side of the room because I didn’t want to disturb her peace. 🙂


The room and its divisions are well lit and you have the option to make the lights to, you know, whatever tickles your fancy. The bathroom has a tub, among other things, but it is quite small for my liking. I’m a klutz and I get injured on the reg so a small bathroom is kind of a crime scene once I’m in there.


After chatting for a bit, we went down to Cafe Miranda for dinner. Cafe Miranda is the hotel’s in-house restaurant. The restaurant has a non-smoking and smoking area so to those of you who are itching to light one up after a sumptuous meal, you don’t have to worry about going outside or to your room to smoke.


We chose a booth at far end of the restaurant and shared pizza and pork steak.


This pizza is garlic cheese. It was served fresh from the oven but the garlic is too strong on this one. Garlic breath, anyone?


The pork steak, though, was good. The pork was tender and the vegetables on the side were extra buttery and crunchy. The gravy was phenomenal, too.



Cafe Miranda is also connected to the Black Lounge where you can host private events. It has that club vibe to it. The booths are cute.



Unfortunately during our stay, there was no event happening. It’s a spacious hall, though, perfect for weddings, birthdays, all the events~ you can think of. After sight seeing, we headed back to our room to get rested.

I am an owl and I prefer a quiet sleeping environment. We were assigned to a room facing the road and so you can still hear the noise of the outside world. I suggest you get rooms on the upper levels of the hotel.

Overall, our stay at City Garden Suites was extremely wonderful. If you’re visiting to Manila or just bored at home and wanted a breath of fresh air, consider staycationing at City Garden Suites or any hotel you fancy. It’s a great form of relaxation. Treat yoself! 😉


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