Last Saturday I went to Wanderland Music & Arts Festival 2014 held at the Globe Circuit Grounds Makati. I was with my good friend, Karla, and it was equal parts enjoyable and exhausting.

lucy rose

We got there just in time for Lucy Rose‘s set and it was magical but the heat, oh god, the heat was making it difficult for me to enjoy the event. It felt like a million degrees out and we didn’t even get there early (it was like 5 pm or something). Some people were there before the whole thing started. Anyway, Lucy Rose was awesome and I instantly became a fan because her voice is as soothing as mango thick shake and belly rubs and cotton candy. Heh.


We decided to explore the area – and by that I mean look for things to stuff my face with – and ended up getting sticker tattoos c/o River Island.


It was surprising that there were a lot of different booths and stalls for everything you need. There are merch stalls and free stuff stalls and food stalls – which I like heh – and thingamajabs. My sister said last year they didn’t have half of this year’s and that’s cool because no one wants to be dehydrated or starving at a festival. I also like that there are toilets! I went to Laneway early this year and I had to pee in porta potties. It’s pretty cool.

Now give me The Drums!

paper kites

The Paper Kites performed and honestly, I don’t know their songs except from Bloom which is a wonderful song and I know it by heart. That day was my perfect opportunity to be familiar with their songs and you know what, they’re actually pretty great.

christina lacy


Christina Lacy has the cutest face and the cutest smile IMO. She’s also wickedly talented.

kate torralba

After Paper Kites’ set, we wandered around and stumbled upon The Wanderlounge where Kate Torralba was about to perform. I like Kate Torralba tons; she’s a fantastic designer and when she released an album early this year(?), I was more amazed by her. She performed a stripped down version of one of the most iconic songs of all time, The Sign, which made the audience super happy, including me! 🙂

the royal concept

Next were The Royal Concept and I’ve never heard of them until this day. They are a pretty huge band from Sweden and man, were they amazing. It took them a long time to set up and make sure wires and all that stuff were properly working and I had to wait with a bunch of uncivilized teenagers who kept pushing each other and doing all sorts of assfuckery. It really fucked up my mood because at one point this white girl climbed another girl’s shoulder and the white girl fell back to where I was standing and she almost knocked me off balance. I was pissed off and shouted at them because they’re uncivilized people and they shouldn’t be thrashing the event like that just because they’re not from here.

royal concept

Ahem. So, The Royal Concept played and they were incredible. Their music is so dance-y and I danced even if I didn’t know the lyrics of their songs, heh.


They played World On Fire, D-D-Dance, and the famous On Our Way, among others.


I’m pretty sure David Larson’s side glare is my sexuality lol. He was so energetic and jumping off things. He also took his shirt off.

Architecture in Helsinki were amazing as well but I didn’t get to take pictures. I was too tired and I wanted to pee in preparation for The Drums Dance Party and my legs hurt and everything else hurt also!

the drums

And then THE DRUMS! I remember sulking on that Laneway 2012 weekend because I missed it and The Drums were there and Girls were there before they split and that was one of the biggest regrets I have. But The Drums! Were! Here! ❤

jonny pierce

Jonny Pierce is a thing of beauty. I am pretty impressed by his dancing skills. I mean, he’s so good at dancing.


And I want to love him forever and ever amen.


They opened with What You Were which is at the top of my sad bastard music playlist. He talked about mangoes and stuff and the crowd awww-ed like we just saw puppy dog eyes. That said, my life goal now is to feed Jonny P. mangoes and pet him like a puppy.

IMG_2081 IMG_2082

I heard one girl said how Jacob looks like Phil Dunphy and that cracked me up, heh.


They played Best Friend, Me And The Moon, Days, and Book Of Stories, among others.


The force is strong in this one. He’s hella smart, too. I’ve read and watched interviews of Jonny Pierce about making music, his sexuality, his band, everything and you know, he makes a lot of sense. I’m like reading an article and he’d make this super intelligent statement and I’d be like, well… yeah, you are SO right, Jonny.

IMG_2087 IMG_2088

I guess the interview that got me the most emotional is the one he did in 2012 for Under the Radar which I will link here. That article made me think more highly of Jonny Pierce as a human being and not just as someone who makes music that I like and it also made me think differently about their song Days which, when I first heard, I immediately thought was a song about being brokenhearted. There’s so much takeaway from that interview and it hurts me that what Jonny went through still happens to many young people right now.


Lets Go Surfing did it for most people and they sorta ended the set but they came back to do a proper encore.

IMG_2091 IMG_2092

Jonny Pierce: best in dance, best in life.

IMG_2093 IMG_2094

Honestly, The Drums’ music helped me out a lot when I was struggling with relationships because although their songs are very upbeat and they make you want to dance and flail around, the lyrics of their songs are dark and broken but ultimately these songs are sincere and gentle and extremely relatable.

IMG_2095 IMG_2096 IMG_2097 IMG_2098 IMG_2102

I love you, Jonny Pierce.

IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2106 IMG_2107

Heh, this got super emotional but w/e. I love Jonny Pierce and he’s one of the best people in the world, hands down. I’m glad I got to see them perform live even if my legs are hurting and it was extremely hot and my clothes are wet. It was a great performance and I am looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully in New York! 🙂

Now I’ll leave you with this beautiful version of How It Ended.






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