I first saw Casual Consumption on Carina’s blog, Nothing Spaces, and since I watch television a lot, I thought maybe I can also do it here. I haven’t posted about any of the shows I am following and figured this is the perfect entry for that.

awkward mtv

It’s the show I keep watching even if it means sitting through so much unnecessary drama. At one point it got so pointless that I thought of letting go of it despite my inexplainable attraction to my girl Valerie. They also got rid of the almighty Ming Huang, the only Asian character in the show. Boo!

The new season also shifted in terms of character development. Tamara became this stereotypical crazy ex-girlfriend who catfishes her ex-boyfriend and reeks of so much bitterness causing the feminists of Tumblr to rage rant after every freaking episode. I wasn’t keen on it, too but girl got her momentum later on.

I’m happy to report that Matty and Sadie didn’t do it. They tried to but decided not to go down that path. What I’m not happy about is how Matty evolved to be a huge motherfucking douchebag. I was rooting for him but it’s too damn hard to root for someone who doesn’t root for himself.

Jenna also had a few bumps but gracefully got over herself and some of her issues. It’s also good to note that Jenna is only human and not every problem she’ll face will be dealt with like a self-actualized adult. Girl has flaws and that’s what remarkable about her.  After her downward spiral to doom, Jenna had risen to be the lady everyone wanted her to be – the girl who’s bitchslapping life and is so unapologetic about it.

Overall, I’m glad that Awkward’s new season stopped being meh and became more like season 1 where we got tension and character development and friendship.

faking it 2014

Faking It
New show alert! I repeat: new show alert! Faking It started with two best friends who are faking being lesbians for popularity. From there, it gains traction and it’s impossible not to get hooked.

When put that way, the premise of the show seems sort of lame, shallow, and thirsty for attention but it deserves all the fame it has been getting lately. It’s set in a school where the status quo has been shifted from having mean cheerleaders at the top to two gay prom queens and Occupy Rallies.

When I watch this show, I keep forgetting that these characters are in high school. I can’t blame their high school selves for making decisions that will eventually kick them hard in the butt. The show has beautiful people, fresh perspective on high school shenanigans, feelings, friendship, and self discovery. Mostly feelings.

fx fargo

Fargo is also a new show, an FX original. It’s inspired by Fargo, the 1996 film written and directed by the Coen brothers. I don’t want to talk much about Fargo because I don’t want to spoil it for you, in case you want to watch it. (You should.) What I’m telling you is this: it’s the intelligent show that replaced the Breaking Bad-shaped hole in my heart. It has brilliant premise, impeccable acting, multifaceted characters, dark humor, and overall amusement. Each episode will give you the thrill and the chills.

orange is the new black

Orange Is the New Black
The new season of Orange Is the New Black was released in one day. 13 episodes in one day is the kind of pretty that hurts for binge watchers like me. Am I supposed to have a life? I guess not.

Season 2 is even better than the first because the audience got more character backstory and for me, more Poussey. Aside from that, there are also new characters in this season. The pilot is exceptionally good as well. I still don’t care about Piper Chapman’s story (also Larry is just fucking irrelevant tbh) but everybody else is a go.

What I like about Orange Is the New Black is the wisdom that’s tucked in between episodes. It’s the show that’s not only good for viewing pleasure but also for you as a human being. It tackles all sorts of issues – some petty (e.g. showers, blankets, snacking), some hard hitting (e.g. corruption, unconditional love, human rights, mental health, substance abuse) – and it will get you thinking. Most of all, I like that this show is so diverse in terms of sexuality, race, body image, and everything else you can think of.

These are the shows that I think are worthy of my (and your) time. I also follow Orphan Black but I’m still digesting the new season and how it affects my feelings ha and Penny Dreadful which started with a very clever plot. What are the shows that you’re into? Please recommend me your favorites! 🙂



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