The ABC Award!


Big thanks to¬†yawriterinthemaking for the nomination! I love memes like this because I love blathering about myself! ūüėÄ

Now, I must go through the alphabet putting something about myself in every letter. Should be fun!

A- Alligator. The National’s third studio album which happens to be my all time favorite.

B- Bonus Track. Makes my day when I buy an album and find out artists included a pleasant surprise at the end.

C-  Curly Sue. The film I watched three times a day when I was about 4 or 5. Alisan Porter is old now and wears her hair straight. D:

D- Duncan Sheik. He composed for the successful musical Spring Awakening which awakened my repressed heart.

E- Erratic. Best describes my hormonal activity.

F- Fat. I glorify fatness!

G- Gosling, Ryan. Expert moistener of lady gardens. Y/Y?

H- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.¬†The first Young Adult novel I picked up and actually read.

I- Inception. My Mind Fuck Film of the Year (2010).

J- J.D. Salinger. He authored three of my favorite novels ever. Plus, his short stories are impeccable.

K- Kristin. My first name, which I loathe, so forget I told you.

L- Laura Marling. My hero, my all.

M- Matt Berninger. The god of pretty words and awesome baritone.

N- Nick Carraway. Outsider, observer, easygoing and optimistic (his optimism faded as the novel progressed); I identify with him in the weirdest of ways.

O- Oscillate. Regularly what I do.

P- (The) Perks of Being a Wallflower. The novel which got me through puberty.

Q- Quiet.¬†I like the quiet. It sometimes drives me nuts but I’d rather have quiet than chaos.

R- Rushmore. My best-loved Wes Anderson film.

S- Sofia Coppola. Wrote and directed the greatest film of ever (at least for me), Lost in Translation.

T- Terrible Love.¬†When The National plays this song live, Matt introduces terrible love as a good thing because it’s the only kind of love.

U- Universe. When I read a quote from the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, I have always wondered what the universe smells like in the morning.

V- Vivacious. What I aspire to be. My personality is blah, bordering on dull.

W- Warsan Shire.¬†I admire her guts, she’s one bad ass motherfucker. We’re the same age and look at her, she’s brilliant! She writes stirring poems about self-love. My favorites are¬†her. (me).¬†and For Women Who Are Difficult to Love.

X- Xander Harris. Taught me geeks and inadequately looking men are amazing and the least sketchy.

Y- Young. What most people want to be, but I’m not most people. I like to look my age even when I’m a hundred years old. Wrinkles and sagging skin included.

Z- Zooey Glass. J.D. Salinger wrote a perfectly imperfect character in the form of Zooey, the most quotable sunovabitch I have ever encountered.

(This took me two and a half hours to finish. HAHAHAHA this is tougher than what I thought it’d be.)

My nominees: